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Dr. Link Wyer is a Trained Coach, Organizational Consultant, and online instructor who brings specialized knowledge, training, and experience to specialized leadership and coaching evaluations, workshops, courses, as well as educational evaluations, employee-based performance assessments, and Independent Evaluations to individuals, teams, and organizations. She coaches “You Today to Become the Leader of Tomorrow.”

Dr. Link Wyer has extensive specialized training in leadership, leadership development, organizational behavior, human resources, academic writing, business analysis, instructional design, and autism spectrum disorders (Asperger Syndrome). Dr. Link Wyer has over 20 years of experience, began her career as a classroom teacher, and has taught graduate students since 2008.

Dr. Link Wyer has worked with over 30 organizations including top-tier universities, educational institutions, and Fortune 500s across the country. Dr. Link Wyer spent two tears as an instructional coach working with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education. Dr. Link Wyer’s various organizational roles include U.S. Senate Intern, Human Resources Director, Associate Professor, Senior Instructional Design Analyst, Senior Learning and Leadership Advisor, Organizational Consultant, Mentor, and small business owner.

An author, Dr. Link Wyer has written and published numerous articles. Her latest work was co-authored and published by Routledge about Leadership, Change Management, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. An avid technologist, Dr. Link Wyer has designed over 75 courses on various topics, including leadership, education, human resources, instructional design, and business.

Dr. Link Wyer enjoys coaching both men and women (individually or in group settings) and is particularly focused on empowering leadership development, action planning, and helping leaders build their personal brand. Dr. Link Wyer enjoys working with clients who are just starting out or starting over. She also concentrates on writing, human resources, training and development, and her own Leader IntelligencesTM.  

Dr. Link Wyer’s interests include: leadership, servant-leadership, Industry 4.0, neuroleadership, career planning, education topics, human resources, servant leadership, and Asperger Syndrome. Dr. Link Wyer has written and presented extensively on this topic, and published her dissertation on this subject. In Coaching and Online Instruction, Dr. Link Wyer offers both a team approach and one-on-one approach to coaching through communities of practice, or group instruction, and she provides specific and realistic recommendations based on assessments results, life and educational history, and current dilemmas. Highly engaging, Dr. Link Wyer offers coaching opportunities vetted by peer review, professional, live feedback in a safe setting, and personal and professional growth.

Dr. Link Wyer received her doctoral degree in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University. She received specialized training in servant-leadership, process consulting, organizational coaching, and writing for publication. She completed a two-year postdoctoral coaching certificate through Coach U, who is the leading global provider of coach training programs. Prior to earning her doctorate, Dr. Link Wyer received her master’s degree in education from Whitworth University. Her graduate coursework included specialized training human resources, leadership, administration, curriculum development, and teaching. She is currently an MBA candidate working on a second master’s degree.

Dr. Link Wyer is a member of the International Leadership Association.

Sharon Link Wyer, Ph.D.

"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple.

Every decision, even

no-decision is a choice."

Together we can:

Discover Your Leader Intelligences

Identify and develop your leader intelligences to optimize your leadership brand and explore pathways to transformational success.

Hone Your Leadership Vision

I energize you through my passion, restless curiosity, and open your mind to see what is available within your reach. I offer assessments to hone in on your calling, mission, and passion. 

Define Your Leadership Brand

I work with you to set goals, define your mission,  both personally and professionally, create a brand identity, write your leadership story, and produce tangible outcomes.  

Develop an Action Plan and Portfolio 

I work with individuals of all ages, stages of life, and coach them through action planning, career planning, and portfolio development. If you are stuck, get in touch with me.